Making Marathon Monday an historic one

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is a Fargo Marathon Charity Team. We’re called “Making Strides” and that’s what we intend to do–make strides to eliminate some of the myths surrounding our children in residential treatment programs. I hope you support us on Marathon Monday, May 5, for an online giving opportunity based on the Fargo Marathon website.

I sometimes get to work with our youth and those are the days I treasure most.  Some of our young ladies helped me sort through quilts for our auction last summer. One of those young ladies was discharged this past year, but contacted me via our website.  I called to visit with her and asked why she wanted to tell her story now — she is only 15.

“While I was at the Ranch, I hated it. I had some really hard days. You saw me like that, when I was having bad days. It was very hard for me. But when I got out–almost immediately, I found that everything I learned here HAD helped me and I want everyone to know–everyone, that the Ranch is a really good place. It has helped me. I want people to know that now.”

I’m writing this for her.

And, I’m writing this for a young boy, recently discharged, who said to me, “You won’t forget me, will you?” Never, I said.  I will never forget you.

These kids are unforgettable. They have lived through some traumatic times and still, most of them persevere.

So can we do less than that?  Help us make some strides for the kids and join us online Monday, May 5. It’s the first-ever Marathon Monday–let’s make it an historic one!
– Carla Trittin Isom, marketing public relations director


Big Hearts give BIG

Thanks to The Impact Foundation, Dakota Medical Foundation and some generous donors, who helped Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch raise $18,975 is its very first Giving Hearts Day!

We’re overwhelmed by the generosity, the caring and the HEARTwork.

Thank you!

Emil Pig, from our Pigs ‘n a Blanket quilt auctions, even got into the event, waving at passers-by in Bismarck, N.D.

Countdown to Giving Hearts Day

We’re doing some HEARTwork for the kids at the Ranch…


Here’s one reason why:  nearly 40 percent of our children in psychiatric residential treatment have no family to call their own.

Doing some HEARTwork for them!

Let’s do some HEARTwork for them. Let’s help take care of them–that’s what FAMILY does!

Please visit
on Thursday, Feb. 13, and donate to Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch.  We promise, your HEARTwork won’t be wasted…

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher promotes the Ranch for Giving Hearts Day

Jeremy Horst, pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, is promoting Giving Hearts Day for Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch: via @youtube

You can help us too via VISIONbanks:

See Jeremy’s video here:

And vote for his video here:

1st place will receive a $750 donation, 2nd  will receive $500 and 3rd will be receiving $250.

Dear Santa…letter #1

Letter from a child

The children at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch enjoy helping others. This year once again, the children are writing Letters to Santa to assist Macy’s in their “A Million Reasons to Believe” campaign for Make-a-Wish.

We thought you’d enjoy reading some of those letters. It shows how kids in treatment facilities care about what’s going on in their world and in the lives of others–not just themselves. It shows how much they care.

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22 (NIV)

Abundance in the Autumn


Who knows when the first breath of Autumn rolls over the Prairies to finally insert itself into the Valley? Wind clouds move swiftly over the flatlands and voila’, it’s Autumn!

Only God knows of that exact moment, to be sure, but we are the fortunate recipients of color no artist seems to be able to duplicate exactly as it is.

Changes in the weather may mean our attitudes also change–for the better if we like the Valley’s venerable seasons, for each season brings it’s own hopefulness tagging along.  Look to the leaves that dance and fly with the Autumn winds.  Who but God could possibly be behind such glory? For those who are not among the four-season enthusiasts, keep in mind that there is indeed a time for every season, a beginning, an end, but perhaps most, a chance to rise to the challenge.

Heading Home…for children at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch


Heading Home…an event for the children at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is hosting “Heading Home…an event for the children at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch” Thursday, Aug. 8, at the Holiday Inn.

Why “Heading Home?”  Well, we’re all on our way somewhere, right?

For children at the Ranch, who don’t have, or can not return to, a home, they also are on their way somewhere–to a foster home, a group home, or maybe, back to their own home.

Our event will help to raise funds to augment building on the Fargo Campus, including a Chapel, gymnasium and cafeteria. With caring staff and complete facilities, the children who reside with us will have everything they need at their “home away from home.”

And for the rest of us who believe, we’re ultimately Heading Home to our Lord, Jesus Christ, the best “Home” of all.

Sandbag Convoys roll out

Police vehicles lead and follow the Sandbag Convoys, indicating the seriousness of their mission.

There is something both reassuring and daunting about seeing the sandbag convoys. 

Reassuring because we know “Fargo’s got this.”  Fargo officials are seasoned vets of the Red River Valley floods–historically seasoned.

Daunting, because, ”here we go again.”  KVLY responded with a piece called, ”Red River Resilience Helps Reduce Flood Anxiety.”

Yes, we push through, as one of our kids in residential treatment in Fargo recently commented on an unusually “bad” day. We push through to help others, collaborate, solve problems and walk out victorious.

Sandbag convoys, Sandbag Central, loads of volunteers, neighbors pitching in–all these are ways we feel less alone.

There is ONE who knows before we do what will happen. God didn’t promise that we wouldn’t be without problems and trials, but He did promise He’d be with us–no matter what. 

“Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9